Best day to move…

Friday is overwhelmingly the most popular day of the week to move house as it provides new homeowners with a long weekend of moving “fun” – unpacking boxes, hanging pictures and all the DIY that tends to accompany a move.

Due to this preference, it is therefore quite likely that other buyers and sellers in any associated chain transaction will also have claimed a Friday as their chosen day, so everyone else usually has to fall in line with this too, which makes sense.  It does however put enormous stress on an interconnected network of conveyancers, removal companies, mortgage lenders, banks and estate agents.  It is not unknown for people to be sitting in their car outside their new property desperately waiting for everything to fall into place as the clock ticks ever onwards towards “closing time”.

So, if at all possible, do try to aim for a completion date other than a Friday, and seek agreement from other homemovers in the chain, as there are several clear advantages:

• Your estate agent, lender and conveyancing solicitor are likely to have more time available to help you, especially if any unforeseen issues arise.

• Any confusion over transfer of electricity, water, gas, broadband etc. can be sorted out during the week, so you won’t be left high and dry over the weekend.

•Transferring large sums of money is surprisingly manual and banks are less likely to suffer a bottleneck mid-week. Funds must clear before access can be granted, but banks do not work over the weekend.  A funding delay on a Friday can actually take three days to resolve.

• If there is any catastrophic delay meaning that you cannot move in on your chosen early week day, it is more likely that your removers will be able to keep your belongings on their van overnight, as they may not have a booking the following day.

• Simple supply and demand economics mean that removal companies often offer discounted rates for a non-Friday move.

We love helping our clients on moving day.  So why not contact us for advice on how to achieve the smoothest of moves, with Salters Residential?