Trick or treat with your sale?

Halloween aside, selling your property can be SCARY!

This can often be attributed to the fear of the unknown, based around the following questions:

• When will a buyer be found?

• What’s happening to the market with all this scary Brexit stuff?

• How well-positioned is my property?

• Could I lose my onward purchase?

• Where are all the buyers?

• Is my agent tricking me, when I was expecting a treat?

• Should I revise my plans?

• Would it help if I screamed?

Fear not - you are not alone! There are ways through this. Did you know that 46% of property sellers fail to achieve a sale through the first agent they appoint? Very often a second, more objective, pair of eyes can see through the fog and create the sale you have been hoping for.

We specialise in the sale of properties which should have sold, but haven’t, and now is precisely the right time of year to address the issue before the winter sets in. You will find us straight-talking, upbeat and totally customer-focussed with personal accountability for your successful move.

If you really do want to move, then please feel free to call me, in confidence, on the number below, and I’ll do my utmost to help you realise your plans. No tricks, but we will treat you to sound advice and a total commitment to helping you move!